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UV gluing


Gluing glass using UV technology enables us to produce visually attractive, high-quality products. Glass glued using this technique is usually used for decoration when high optical requirements have to be met, e.g. in building display cabinets, glass furniture, in interior architecture, and small solutions using glass and metal. The adhesive is colorless.

Characteristics of joints glued with UV adhesive:

  • transparency

  • good resistance to humidity

  • high resistance to vibration

  • resistance to yellowing

Joint types:

  • glass – glass (both surface and edge)

  • glass – metal (aluminium, INOX stainless steel)


The following operations are vital in the process of gluing glass surfaces:

  • cleaning

very important, as it ensures the highest possible adhesion; in order to obtain a completely clean, degreased and dry surface, we use the best, well-tested chemicals, as well as special dust-free mechanical cleaning agents.

  • maintaining a suitable temperature of glued elements

  • adhesive application technique

  • joint hardening – UV lamp exposure

these processes require suitably selected and placed lamps; joints are hardened at a precisely defined time (depending on the type of glued elements and glass, the glue used, the lamp type).

  • using lock grips

  • glued surfaces are flat


At Dubiel Vitrum, we regularly perform tearing tests on UV glued joints combining different materials used in glass technology, such as glass with glass or glass with an aluminium alloy or INOX stainless steel. We also test the substances used to prepare the materials in order to improve the adhesion of glued glass to chromed or nickel-plated elements. Our research aims to make the optimal choice in terms of increasing the strength of the joint and its resistance to low temperatures.

The results of our tests confirm our belief that our technology ensures the durability and high resistance of glass-glass and glass-metal joints. This is why we recommend using these solutions in your projects.


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